Who Benefits From Baby Nursery Wall Art Decor?

As expensive as baby furniture, clothing and necessities are, is it really important to decorate the nursery with wall art? Who actually benefits from the nursery artwork hanging on the baby room walls?

When your little one enters your life, the only thing they really care about is food, attention and sleeping. So in the beginning, the benefit is to you each time you walk into the nursery and smile with pleasure at the wall art you hung in your baby’s room.

You show off the nursery decor to everyone who comes to visit, especially proud that theTeddy The Bear Nursery Wall Art nursery wall art ties the entire baby room furnishings and theme together. Your family and friends will ooh and aah over the fun, or beautiful, or colorful, or serene wall art you chose for baby’s nursery.

As your baby grows, they will look around at their increasingly familiary baby room nursery and recognize the safe and comfortable surroundings.

And finally, when you begin teaching your priceless baby about animals and nature, they will understand the wall art you have lovingly given to them for their fun, enjoyment and creativity.

Who will benefit from baby nursery room wall art? Absolutely everyone that sees it or lives with it! Wall art adds depth and interest to a baby nursery, and will last, be enjoyed, and create smiles forever.


What Makes Baby Clothes Organic?

I had a question from a customer today wondering how baby clothes were made organic? At first it seemed kind of interesting the way the question was phrased, like regular baby clothes were put through some process and then became organic.

As I explained that baby clothes can only be considered organic if the cotton used during manufacturing was grown in a stringently governed certified organic cotton field, he said, oh, like organic food! I had never really associated the two together before, but it really is a good explanation since most people do understand the tight controls and regulations imposed on organic farmers before they can classify and sell their products as organically grown.

So as you’re wondering about the choice between organic cotton baby clothes and regular cotton baby clothes, remember the requirements placed on farmers of produce. They are not allowed to have used chemicals, pesticides or herbicides on their farm land for three years prior to planting. They are not allowed to use any of the above on their crops while the produce is growing. They are not allowed to use any chemicals or toxic dyes during processing. All of these facts are true during the production and manufacturing of organic cotton baby clothes.

If you have chosen to buy organic food for yourself or your family, shouldn’t you also choose organic baby clothes for the same reasons, to keep the chemicals and pesticides away from baby’s little body for healthier living?

Even though I didn’t know it at the time, my customer’s analogy to organic food was right on!

Organic Pet Beds are Healthy for Dogs & Cats

Medium Organic Cotton & Wool Dog BedPets are priceless babies too! They depend on us to take care of them. They love us unconditionally. So shouldn’t we do everything we can to ensure their safety and health?

Organic pet beds are safe, therapeutic, and eco-friendly. Our precious dogs and cats spend two-thirds of their life sleeping, and a compassionate and healthy bed for your best friends will let them know how much we care. Dog and cat pet beds, which are made using certified color grown organic cotton and filled with premium eco-wool, are a great solution for giving your pets relief from allergies. These pet beds also naturally regulate their body temperature and stay soft and cozy for years.

Benefits of Organic Cotton Pet Beds

  • Naturally non-allergenic
  • No toxins, pesticides, chemicals or dyes to sicken or irritate pets
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Organic cotton cover lasts longer than regular cotton since chemicals and dyes HAVE NOT been used to deteriorate and weaken the cotton fibers

Benefits of Eco-Wool for Pet’s Comfort

  • Wool lowers blood pressure
  • Naturally repels moisture
  • Regulates the body temperature of our pets, cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Wool has natural occurring lanolin
  • Resists mold
  • Pet bed does not have any toxic off-gassing
  • Wool lasts the life time of your priceless pets
  • Eco-wool will not lump like other dog and cat bed fillers

When the benefits of organic cotton and eco-wool are rolled into one dog or cat pet bed, there can be no healthier way for us to treat our priceless babies.

Sizes from small to extra large, round or rectangular are available for the perfect fit to your pet. Visit us at BabiesArePriceless.com to learn more.

Baby’s Cozy First Thanksgiving Organic Cotton Outfit

Organic Cotton Baby's First Thanksgiving OutfitThanksgiving brings the blessings of family, friends, and of course, massive amounts of scrumptious food. The biggest blessing of all is the new baby in your life this year.

Present your new baby to his or her first Thanksgiving feast among friends and family in a soft, comfortable, and extremely cute, organic cotton Thanksgiving outfit.

Your baby’s first Thanksgiving outfit can be fun, with a screen print design on the t-shirt or onesies that says “Who You Calling Turkey”, to a special “Give Thanks” Happy Thanksgiving wish to all. There’s even a second design on the seat of the baby pants, so baby can show his appreciation for Thanksgiving coming or going.

While we are all cooking healthy, non-preservative added food for our family and guests, make sure your baby is just as healthy in an organic cotton outfit with no chemical, pesticide or bleach additives. With the softness, comfort and natural temperature regulating aspects of quality organic cotton, your baby will stay safe and cuddly throughout the day.

If you really want to deck your baby out in style, add an organic baby bib and baby blanket with the same Thanksgiving design to complete baby’s ensemble.

Visit us at BabiesArePriceless.com to check out all of the great designs available and make your baby’s first Thanksgiving special.

Buy Organic Sheets & Bedding For Baby’s Health

How many hours a day does your newborn spend on bassinet or crib sheets? I know, it does seem like 2 hours some days, doesn’t it?

In reality, your little baby spends up to 20 hours laying in his or her bed in the beginning. Are those bassinet and crib sheets safe enough and soft enough for your baby to spend that many hours on?

Our mothers and grandmothers have always known to buy cotton for the softness, but what is lurking and hiding in that cotton sheet you purchased from the department or baby store that said 100% cotton? Toxic chemicals and petroleum-based dyes!

Your newborn’s lungs are very tiny, sensitive and suseptible at an early age. Everything surrounding them can affect the immediate and future health of your baby. Not all dangers are visible to the eye, and this includes harmful chemicals and toxins that can be found in mass-produced cotton baby bedding found in brick and mortar stores.

The cotton used to produce these cotton sheets has been treated with pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizer, bleach and formaldehyde. Not only is this unhealthy, it changes the cotton fiber, making it weaker, much harsher, and definitely less soft than cotton should be. Even washing baby bedding repeatedly is not guaranteed to soften them or remove all traces of harmful foreign chemcials that are not good for baby’s little lungs.

Only organic cotton baby bedding, blankets and sheets for cribs and bassinets are guaranteed to be created from cotton that has been grown and manufactured without exposure to harmful pesticides, chemicals and toxins. They will not cause skin irritations, rashes, lung irritations and worse since there are no chemicals or toxins to create a problem.

When you think of all the hours your precious baby spends sleeping with his or her little face pressed against fabric bedding sheets, it just makes sense to avoid fabric that can cause nasty allergic reactions, mysterious rashes, or worse yet, respirator breathing problems such as asthma.

The better choice is to buy certified organic cotton baby bedding for your little one and know that you are doing everything possible to protect your baby from potential harm and health problems.

Visit our online store at http://Store.BabiesArePriceless.com, read more about “Why Organic”, and give your baby a safe path to grow up in with organic baby bedding, blankets and sheets.

Buy Organic Clothes For Your Baby’s Health

Your baby’s skin is thinner and more porous than your own, making it very tender and sensitive. Buying the safest and softest organic baby clothes is the sensible way to protect your little one from environmental dangers. Organic baby clothing is available today with your newborn’s well-being and comfort in mind.

Whether you are trying to think of the perfect baby shower gift or a welcoming present for that new grandchild, choosing the best chemical-free fabric on the market is a loving decision. You can never start too soon to protect this priceless little one in every way possible.

Unfortunately, not all dangers to your baby are visible to the eye, and this includes harmful chemicals and toxins that can be found in mass-produced cotton infant wear. Only organic cotton baby clothing is guaranteed to be created from cotton that has been grown without exposure to harmful insecticides, herbicides, and pesticides. Since studies have shown that young children exposed to these harmful toxins are as much as 7 times more likely to develop leukemia, dressing your baby in organic baby clothes just makes very good sense.

All natural, eco-friendly organic cotton is soft and cozy against your baby’s tender skin. No harmful treatments have been applied to destroy the softness that cotton gives us. Whether you choose bodysuits, rompers, onesies, tops, leggings or gowns, your baby boy or girl will look fashionable, as well as comfortable, in 100% certified organic cotton clothing in weights appropriate for every season of the year.

Know that you have done everything that you can to ensure your newborn’s health. Why take a chance on nasty allergic reactions, mysterious rashes, respiratory breathing problems such as asthmas, or worse yet, leukemia?

Avoid many of these skin irritations and health risks by choosing organic baby clothing. Yes, you may pay a little more, but the stronger, more durable, and much safer fibers in these baby outfits wear better and last longer. Investing in organic baby clothes will be worth it in the long run.

When you purchase your baby clothes from a reputable online store, such as BabiesArePriceless.com, you are assured that the cotton is certified organic and safe for your baby. Visit us and put your baby on the road to comfort and health.

Start Babies Off Right in Comfortable Organic Clothes

When it comes to dressing your newborn in all of those cute outfits that are available today, you might never have thought about the possibility that the fabric in these articles of clothing might be hiding a secret. Bright colors and stylish patterns aside, have you ever wondered why these baby clothes do not feel as soft as they should? In fact, sometimes they are really stiff, or rough and scratchy, which has to be uncomfortable for your baby if they feel that way to you.

Insecticides, pesticides and herbicides, which are always present in mass-produced non-organic cotton clothing, weaken and even stiffen the cotton fibers. Once bleaching has occurred and harsh dyes from heavy metal-based products are added, the new cotton product is a far cry from the original soft but durable cotton fibers. Washing them first may help a bit, but some baby clothes never seem soft enough for your priceless baby. That is, unless you have discovered organic baby clothes.

By going online to a knowledgeable infant clothing site, you can find organic onesies and bodysuites, t-shirts, and a whole list of other organic baby clothes designed with purity of product, softness and comfort in mind.

Choosing to buy organic gowns, bodysuits, rompers, t-shirts, pants and organic onesies is a decision to dress your baby in the softest, coziest, and safest baby clothing available today. Without all of the harmful processing, all-natural organic cotton clothing items are normally a natural ecru, light brown, or soft green color. Non-toxic, low-impact dyes have expanded the colors available without compromising the integrity of this healthy organic product. There really are great choices available to comfortably and safely dress your baby in.

Imagine your baby nestled peacefully in your arms in an incredibly soft and comfortable little outfit. No toxic residue has lingered because none was ever used in either the growing, the harvesting, or the manufacturing of your baby’s clothing. There are no invisible chemicals or toxins for your baby to innocently inhale into his little lungs. No rough and scratchy fabric to cause a rash or skin irritation to your baby’s delicate and porous skin. Your little one is well protected in your arms and in his or her gentle, 100% certified organic cotton baby clothes. Now that’s a great start for a little baby, don’t you think?

Visit our site to check out all of the great, comfortable organic cotton baby clothes and accessories available to dress your baby in. Read more information on why you should choose organic, then purchase your cozy, comfortable baby clothing online. Customer service is also our specialty at http://BabiesArePriceless.com.

Choose Non-Toxic Clothing Dye for Baby’s Health

The majority of baby clothing and bedding that is mass-produced today in all of those wonderfully bright colors, that look so good on your baby, can be so harmful at the same time!

Not only are non-organic baby clothes full of harmful chemicals and pesticides, they are then bleached during production and dyed into those great colors – using heavy metal or petroleum-based dyes, and formaldehyde. Not all of these residual toxins will wash out, even with repeated attempts. And then parents unknowingly dress their priceless newborns in these toxic outfits. Those great colors don’t sound so beautiful anymore.

What is the solution for dressing your baby, or putting them down for a nap on bedding that will not harm or possibly cause health problems?

Certified organic baby clothing and baby bedding is available today that is grown in completely natural neutral, light brown, or green cotton colors. There is absolutely no chemicals, pesticides, formaldehyde, bleach or heavy metal dyes used on the cotton farm, during production, or manufacturing. These products are known as “color grown” organic baby clothes and bedding.

I know, your babies (or at least you) need to have some color in their wardrobe. Fortunately, today that’s possible with Non-Toxic dyes that have been developed and are now being used for organic baby products, so you no longer have to choose between healthy and colorful. Although these non-toxic dyes do still have some pigment chemicals that must be added for the color, there is absolutely no toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde or bleach used. It is as safe as you can get and still have color in your baby’s life.

Now that you realize what invisible chemical agents could be lurking in your baby’s clothing and bedding, consider buying only organic baby clothes and organic bedding, especially for those early years when your baby is so vulnerable and has such sensitive skin. If you are still not concerned so much about their clothing, at least consider the bedding, so that they do not have to inhale chemicals for so many sleeping hours of each day.

It may seem like a small matter, but when it comes to your baby’s health and well being, every little thing that you can do becomes important. And isn’t that what responsible parenting is all about?

Shop our online store at http://store.BabiesArePriceless.com to buy color grown and non-toxic color added organic baby clothing, bedding and accessories.

Don’t Let Organic & Cotton Baby Clothing Labels Confuse You!

As a new parent or grandparent, you definitely want to do everything you can to keep this priceless addition to your family safe and comfortable. While buying clothing for a delicate newborn or precocious toddler is almost irresistible, you may be unaware of the potential dangers lurking in those cute little off-the-rack outfits in departments stores and at the mall. Most purchasers today tend to check clothing labels for ease of laundering and shrinkage, rather than fiber composition. Furthermore, cotton baby clothes labels can be confusing!

“Pure cotton”, “100% cotton”, and “organic cotton” are not all referring to the same quaility of product. Pure cotton and 100% cotton baby clothing labels simply mean that no other fibers or synthetic materials were added to the cotton in the manufacturing process. They are not a reflection of how the cotton was grown. The truth is that cotton may be grown on only 3% of the arable farm land today, but that small acreage is doused with as much as 10% of all agricultural chemicals and an estimated 25% of all purchased insecticides.

Pesticides, herbicides, harsh fertilizers, and even formaldehyde are used in the growing of the majority of non-organic cotton today. Many of these chemicals and toxic, metal-based dyes do not easily wash out of clothing, even after repeated cleaning. Studies repeatedly show that cotton workers in third world countries, where most of the cotton is grown, suffer higher levels of chronic pesticide poisoning and related cell death as a direct result of handling non-organic cotton.

Organic baby clothes, on the other hand, come from farms that have very stringent guidelines. To be certified organic baby cotton, a farmer must keep exact records of how his crops and farmland have been pesticide, insecticide and herbicide-free for at least three years. Chemical fertilizers are restricted as well. Regular inspections are done and no genetically-modified cotton plants can be used. Getting that important “100 percent certified organic cotton” label requires a costly commitment to the health of individual wearers and to the planet in general. But your baby is worth it!

Choosing to buy only organic baby clothes is not a difficult decision when you consider the potential dangers in non-organic cotton baby clothes. Mysterious rashes, allergic reactions, asthma, respiratory ailments, and susceptibility to cancer-causing agents are all really powerful arguments for buying your organic cotton baby outfits and bedding from an online store that carries, and advertises, 100 percent certified organic cotton baby clothes and bedding.

Don’t trust your baby’s delicate skin or tiny lungs to clothing that could be harmful. Look for the certified organic cotton distinction and know that you are doing your best to grow a healthy child and to support a healthier planet.

We carry a great selection of 100% certified organic cotton baby clothing, bedding and accessories to keep your baby healthy and safe. Visit our online store at http://store.BabiesArePriceless.com.